On May 12, 2017, the Institute of Aviation together with the Association of Unmanned Flying Systems organized a conference and an open meeting devoted to the safe use of unmanned vehicles, which was attended by both professionals and amateurs.

The participants of the conference on UAS safety were the leading representatives of Polish institutions and companies dealing with the topic of unmanned vehicles. Presentations were focused on UAS use in rescue operations, environmental protection, infrastructure protection (power lines, flood embankments) and exploration. The meeting was also an opportunity to present up-to-date antidrone systems. Representatives of the Institute of Aviation proudly presented also one such system to the conference guests.

The open section brought together both younger and older drone enthusiasts. Participants faced the questions in the National Knowledge Test on Drones. The discussion panel was an important addition to the meeting with representatives of the Civil Aviation Office, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, the Research and Research Center for Fire Protection – the National Research Institute, Domański Zakrzewski & Palinka law company and the creators of the Droneradar application. The participants asked, inter alia, about taking photos in closed areas (eg. railways), minimum requirements for operating instruction, requirements for outdoor and indoor flying. They also asked for clarification of the term “boundary of development” and some details in the organization of airspace structures around Warsaw. They also expressed the fear that over-regulation of airspace could make it difficult to use it for traditional users such as aircraft model makers. At the end of the meeting, the speakers encouraged all interested people to participate in public consultations organized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): http://www.easa.europa.eu/system/files/dfu/NPA%202017-05% 20% 28A% 29_0.pdf.

Selected presentations of conference participants:

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