Testing services

Materials and structures testing

Numerical and simulation analyses

Remote sensing and photogrammetry

Aviation and space research

We perform comprehensive testing of the materials and structures, using the latest testing methods in the area of the strength issues. We perform advanced numerical analyses and simulations using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods and techniques, including tools developed and implemented by our team.

As part of the services provided:

  • we develop remote sensing works;
  • we obtain and analyze observational data;
  • we perform precise measurements;
  • we improve measuring instruments and systems;
  • we offer the implementation of aviation and space testing in the field of construction, propulsion and flight tests.

The highest competitiveness of the offered testing services is guaranteed by our qualified team, certified procedures, accredited laboratories, deadlines in line with the Customer’s expectations. Our goal is to constantly improve our staff competences and implement new testing methods in the scope of currently performed works. We provide the highest quality testing services on the global research market.