Examples of the measuring equipment

  • micrometers for outside diameter measurement during fabrication and final inspection;
  • Innovatest IN-PJ 30A measuring projector for non-contact measurements, for example, inspection of HCF samples during longitudinal grinding and after the process;
  • magnification: 20x and 50x.

Measuring equipment – outfit

  • Schneider ST-360 V projector for non-contact measurements. Magnification range from 10–50x;
  • Nikon SMZ800 stereoscopic microscope. Magnification range 10–63x.

Surface roughness expresses the unevenness of the surface of a solid resulting from the due to the nature of processing and the tool used, the magnitude of which depends on the type of material and the preparation used.

Measuring equipment – testing capabilities

Surface roughness tests we perform using the Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-301 surface roughness tester with the following parameters:

  • feed unit: X axis: measuring range: 12.5 mm;
  • measuring speed: 0.25 + 0.5 mm/s;
  • detector range: 350 µm;
  • measurement method: contact;
  • pressing force: 0.75 mN;
  • measuring tip: diamond (60⁰/2 µmR);
  • parameters: Ra, Ry, Rz.