Samples production

STUDER S33 – CNC universal cylindrical grinder

RUP-280 – CNC universal grinder for rollers and holes

Surface grinding machine – FSG 1640 ADII

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Lathe – Aviaturn 35

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Lathe – DMG MORI NLX 2000

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine – FNE-40

Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) BA8

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machine for longitudinal sample grinding

PTS400 band saw

Examples of the measuring equipment

In addition to a wide range of material tests (metal and composite), we provide the possibility of making samples for all types of strength tests we offer, such as, among others, static tensile tests, creep tests, impact tests, low- and high-cycle fatigue tests. 

We perform the preparation of composite samples by cutting, grinding, drilling, bonding, and conditioning. We offer machining of metal and hard-to-machine materials, used, among others, in aircraft engines, such as nickel or titanium alloys. 

Samples are made based on international standards (including ASTM) or according to Customer’s specifications.

Production of samples – equipment

  • universal CNC grinding machine for shafts – Studer S33,
  • universal center grinding machine for shafts and holes RUP 280,
  • flat grinding machine FSG 1640 ADII,
  • CNC lathes Aviaturn 35,
  • CNC lathe DMG MORI NLX 2000,
  • CNC milling machine FNE 40,
  • Wire erosion machine Mitsubishi BA8,
  • wire erosion machine with an adapter for starting holes ZAP-BP-09d,
  • longitudinal grinding machine,
  • dimensional and surface inspection equipment.

Samples production  – certificates

We have General Electric Aviation qualifications in the field of making samples for testing:

  • monotonic (creep, static tensile test)
  • fatigue tests (low and high cycle) in accordance with the requirements of S-400.