Materials and structures testing

Materials testing

Tests of structures

One of the main areas of our activities in the area of materials and structures testing technology is the implementation of the latest testing methods in the field of strength of materials, aircraft engine components and other structures operating under high mechanical loads in a wide range of temperatures. 

Being one of the world leaders in the field of strength tests, we specialize in performing both standard and non-standard tests, subjecting the analyzed objects to extreme conditions. What distinguishes us is primarily the high quality of services and their standardization, a number of certified test rigs and the latest generation of equipment.

We offer a full range of materials and structures tests:

  • making samples for testing, 
  • mechanical tests, 
  • physicochemical tests, 
  • vibroacoustic tests, 
  • environmental tests, 
  • tunneling tests,
  • non-destructive diagnostics.

Materials and structures testing – certificates:

We have numerous certificates confirming and guaranteeing the highest quality of services offered and the professionalism of laboratory and scientific staff:

  1. Certificate of compliance with the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard for methods of testing the strength of mechanical structures and their elements, mechanical and non-destructive tests (accreditation certificates of the Polish Center for Accreditation AB 792 and AB 131).
  2. Certificate awarded by General Electric Aviation, confirming compliance with the technical specification for service and testing providers in the field of special processes in aviation according to the GE S-400 specification.
  3. The ACE (Achieving Competitive Excellence) operating system implemented at the “Silver” level, used inside the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and in the network of its suppliers, confirming the modern way of managing the company, its processes and work culture. 
  4. Certificates of mechanical tests Pratt & Whitney – in the years 2005-2008 the Institute obtained certificates in the field of mechanical tests and component tests. The certified tests include: Creep Rupture Testing, static and quasi-static shaft tests – Tension/Torsion Shaft LCF Testing, Tube LCF Testing, Windmill Fan Blade Testing, High Cycle Fatigue Testing, Low Cycle Fatigue Testing. 
  5. Certificate of a qualified supplier of GE Aviation Czech in the field of mechanical testing of materials and structures.