The “Development of the technology for testing the resistance to damage of aviation and space composite load bearing structures” project which is being carried out at the Institute of Aviation aims to develop a standard methodology to assess the impact of damage on the strength and durability of composite structures.

The rapid development of technological processes in Polish enterprises involves the necessity of certifications of newly designed devices and products and developing a suitable legal framework. The “TEBUK” concept is contributing to solving this problem through the elaboration of a unified calculation methodology for modern products made of composites. Thanks to the implementation of the designed technology created within the project in the batch production of products, more constructions and subassembly units made of composite materials will be able to be launched on the market.

The project will be performed in 5 independent tasks in a strict cause and effect relationship, comprising of: the identification of manufacturing faults and damage resulting from use in the aspect of their detection using non-destructive methods, high-strength carbon composites recommended for use in the national aerospace industry; specification of the permissible defects on the basis of a numerical and experimental analysis of the speed of development of selected damage and defects; numerical determination of the residual strength and experimental validation of calculation methods for designated fragments of the load bearing airframe structure with model defects and damage arising from use; performance of a calculation analysis and damage resistance testing of a selected subcomponent of the demonstrator; preparation of the standard certification documentation of the demonstrator subcomponent.

During the performance of the project, a detailed evaluation of the current state of the technology will also be performed. The Project Manager is Daniel Szeląg.

The Operational Programme Innovative Economy
Priority 1. Research and development of modern technologies
Measure 1.1. Support for scientific research for establishment of a knowledge-based economy
Sub-measure 1.1.2. Strategic programmes of scientific research and development works
Project Manager: dr inż. Daniel Szeląg

Date of completion: 30/06/2015

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