T-3 low-speed wind tunnel (5m)

Modernized in 2015, the T-3 low-speed wind tunnel is a tunnel of closed-circuit, continuous operation, with an open measurement space with a diameter of 5 meters and a length of 6.5 meters. The dimensions, engine power (5.6 MW) and air velocity (100 m/s) allow the T-3 tunnel to be ranked among the world’s leading low-speed wind tunnels. 

The tunnel is equipped with an innovative secondary airflow system with diameters of IPW400, IPW150, IPW80, IPW50, enabling additional airflow with a maximum mass flow rate of 45kg/s, 6kg/s, 2kg/s, 1kg/s, respectively; and the Vacuum Flow Installation PP. 

The IPW80 and IPW50 installations also allow raising the temperature of the working medium to 270°C. The unique system makes it possible to conduct internal flow tests of aircraft engine components or their models under simulated takeoff and landing conditions, taking into account the elevated temperature of the exhaust gases.



Measuring space dimensions – diameter

5 m

Measuring space dimensions – length

6.5 m

Working medium


Maximum speed of the working medium

100 m/s

Maximum secondary flow rate IPW400

45 kg/s

Maximum secondary flow rate IPW150

6 kg/s

Maximum secondary flow rate IPW80

2 kg/s

Maximum secondary flow rate IPW50

1 kg/s

Maximum working medium temperature with IPW80, IPW50

adjustable up to 270°C

Maximum vacuum flow rate IPP

up to 3 kg/s

We offer the possibility of testing the following objects:

  • models of aircraft with a wingspan of up to 4 m;
  • non-streamlined objects up to 3 m high;
  • objects with a cross-section (perpendicular to the direction of flow) up to 2.5 m²;
  • rotor models up to 3 m in diameter.