Aviation and space research

Testing of aeronautical structures

Research of Space Components

Landing gears testing

Tests in operating conditions

Drives testing

Wind tunnel tests

Environmental Testing

The main area of our activities in the field of aviation and space technologies is the provision of research and development services and supporting the development of industry. Theoretical, design and calculation, and laboratory work are the elements that distinguish us on the market among world leaders. 

Aviation and space research – scope of services

  • experimental and computational research in the field of aerodynamics;
  • aviation structures testing;
  • landing gears testing;
  • advanced drives (power transmissions) (BLI, RDE) testing;
  • R&D in the field of air transport systems;
  • rocket hybrid engines testing;
  • development of technologies for ecological propellants;
  • creating dedicated CFD and FEM software;
  • flight dynamics analysis of the multi-stage rockets;
  • internal ballistics analysis of the rocket engines;
  • SORA operational risk analysis.

We are one of the few centers in Poland performing work in the development of new rocket technologies for civilian applications. Employed in We specialize in the design and testing of the rocket engines and carrier rockets powered by green propellants. 

All research work is carried out using professional programming like CATIA and ANSYS FLUENT.