Microscopic tests

Microscopy is used to obtain information on:

  • shape, 
  • sizes of the analyzed samples and objects, 
  • elemental composition, crystallographic structure, 
  • mechanical properties, 
  • electric or magnetic.

We perform microscopic tests using the following equipment:

  • Keyence VHX 6000 digital microscope;
  • metallographic microscope Neophot 2, magnification range 50x through 2000x;
  • Zeiss EVO 25 MA SEM microscope with BSD and SE detectors.

The scope of tests in our offer:

  • analysis, processing of digital images, measurements of geometrical quantities;
  • three-dimensional imaging of the surface topography of samples;
  • in the magnification range of 100–500 x the possibility of observation in a bright and polarized light field;
  • 100x through 1000x: DIC dark field observation capability;
  • observation at magnification from 20x through to 5000x (digital zoom).


We perform tests and analyzes of the surface of fractures of solids, enabling us to determine the causes of cracks in the material.

Fractography – testing capabilities

We perform fracture surface testing for both metallic and non-metallic samples.

The range of tests we offer:

  • evaluation of grain size, surface roughness, porosity, coating thickness, particle distribution of material homogeneity, non-metallic inclusions, diffusion of elements;
  • fatigue analysis:
    • localization of impurities, microcracks, crack sources;
    • assessment of fatigue failure, determination of the type of fractures.

Fractography – equipment:

  • Zeiss EVO 25 MA scanning electron microscope with BSD and SE detectors,
  • Q150R samples preparation system.


We are engaged in microscopic testing to determine the type, morphology, distribution or dimensions of the components of the structure being examined.

Metallography – testing capabilities 

The range of tests we offer:

  • determination of grain size and non-metallic inclusions,
  • determining the volume proportion of phases,
  • defining the thickness of coatings,
  • preparation of metallographic specimens.

Metallography – equipment:

  • metallographic microscope Neophot 2, magnification range 50x through 2000x;
  • cutting machine (with manual cutting function and automatic with cooling system);
  • press for mounting the test specimen with a maximum diameter of 40 mm;
  • grinding and polishing machine with the capability of preparing up to 6 samples at the same time.