Flow tests

We offer flow tests with precise (of the order of ±1%) measurement of air mass flow rate and flow pulsations in the tested objects. In our laboratory, we conduct flow tests based on measurements of the volumetric air flow as well as its pressure and temperature, for such elements as:

  • combustion chamber flame tubes,
  • cooled blades of the gas turbines,
  • collectors etc.

The laboratory is equipped with modern research equipment, including:

  • Panametrics ultrasonic flowmeters,
  • air filter,
  • settling chamber,
  • temperature measurement lines,
  • air pressure and humidity,
  • recording system for the above-mentioned parameters.

Range of measured air flow output: 10-6500 m³/h with an accuracy of 2% over the entire measuring range.

Flow tests – equipment

The stand is equipped with three independent sources forcing the air flow:

  1. FAN – MAWENT WPW-28/14RD
  • flow rate 6500 m³/h;
  • maximum pressure of 0.2 bar.
  • flow rate: 1200 m³/h;
  • maximum pressure: 2.5 bar.
  • flow rate: 6500 m³/h;
  • maximum pressure: 0.7 bar.

Measurement of the air flow output rate is performed with the use of the ultrasonic flowmeters in three measuring ranges:

  • small – to 180 m³/h;
  • medium – to 1300 m³/h;
  • large – to 6500 m³/h.

For pressure measurement, we use pressure transducers with the following ranges:

  • 0-300 mbar;
  • 0-700 mbar;
  • 0,9-1,4 bar (abs);
  • 0-20 mbar, 800-1100 mbar (abs).

T/H transducers with the following ranges are used to measure temperature and humidity:

  • from -30 to 105°C/0 to 100%.

In order to precisely control the air flow output, the system has been equipped with two remotely controlled HiMod Seven DN 250 knife gates with electric drive. In addition, it is possible to control the blower discharge by changing the speed of the Roots blower using an inverter.

A PCI-6259 measurement card is installed on the stand (32 input voltage channels, analog outputs for control (gate valves, bleed, blower and compressor inverters)). The control and measurement application, created for the test bed, allows control of flow parameters and visualization and recording of test parameters, using any National Instruments controllers.

At the request of the Customer, the application can be easily adapted to the measurements performed. We also have universal measurement cards that allow registration of a much larger number of channels.