Basic scope of the analyzes we offer:

  • static and dynamic loads on aircraft landing gear components and other structures;
  • “shimmy type vibration analyses”;
  • stiffness-strength analyses, susceptibility of components or entire aircraft landing gear and other structures (including composite);
  • optimization and integration of components of aircraft landing gear and other structures, braking system, shock absorbers;
  • phenomena accompanying the braking process (dynamics, thermal phenomena, vibrations);
  • evaluation of durability of elements of aircraft landing gear and other structures by analytical and experimental methods;
  • numerical analyses of energy-consumption of the materials;
  • design and analysis of energy-intensive envelope structures (lattice structures) made by incremental methods (3D printing);
  • numerical simulations of landing gear drop tests.

We perform analyzes using following packages:

  • dynamic analysis using LS-DYNA.