T-1 wind tunnel (1.5m)

T-1 low-speed wind tunnel is a tunnel of closed-circuit, continuous operation, with an open measurement space with a diameter of 1.5 m and a length of 2.4 meters. Maximum speed of the working medium is 45 m/s.



Measuring space dimensions – diameter

1.5 m

Measuring space dimensions – length

2.4 m

Working medium


Maximum speed of the working medium

45 m/s

T-1 wind tunnel – scope of services

  • weight and pressure distribution tests on the following:
    • models of aircraft, 
    • helicopters, 
    • vehicles on rails, 
    • wheeled vehicles and their elements,
  • optimization of flap geometry and their position,
  • optimization of hinge moments for ailerons and control surfaces,
  • flow visualization using imaging anemometry (PIV), thread methods, and using fluorescent mini-threads and UV illumination;
  • smoke flow visualization.