Rocket subsystems and components

We have experience in developing subsystems for rockets and satellites. We design components to the most demanding specifications.

Our rocket subsystem and component design portfolio:

Pyrotechnic devices

  • Pyrotechnic knives
  • linear cumulative charges
  • pyro valves
  • igniters
  • servo motors
  • followers
  • mortars

Rocket recovery systems

  • Parachute systems
  • wind tunnel testing
  • use of flat corkscrew effect
  • drop tests
  • simulations
  • system of recovery from sea surface.

Control and electronic systems for rockets

  • On-board computers
  • launch management systems
  • data acquisition
  • control systems

Separation mechanisms

  • Auxiliary engine separation systems
  • rocket main body separation system
  • Łukasiewicz Research Network-Institute of Aviation has successfully demonstrated the following separation methods:
    • „Fire in the hole”,
    • pyrotechnic separation
    • aerodynamic separation.