Remote sensing and photogrammetry

Acquisition and processing of aerial and satellite photos

Spectral analyses

Radio communication

Stereometric analyses

Precise measurements


IT solutions

Our activity is the area of broadly understood remote sensing, including:

  • construction, integration and calibration of modern data acquisition systems including multispectral techniques;
  • creation of the mechatronic and robotic tools enabling ongoing monitoring of air, missile and satellite missions;
  • acquisition and analysis of Earth observational data;
  • work in the field of data transmission, their archiving as well as advanced analyzes and visualizations;
  • creation of dedicated databases and operator applications;
  • integration and processing of information obtained from multiple sources to create operational, competitive tools for modern industry, administration and natural resource protection.

The Remote Sensing Department carries out work in the field of:

  • geology,
  • hydrology,
  • photogrammetry,
  • precision farming,
  • technical inspections,
  • in related fields.

Advanced remote sensing tools and sensors calibration

Data acquisition and processing is performed with the use of various types of sensors, including sensors installed on board of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. We use, among others, devices that record electromagnetic radiation within the optical range (reflected from the tested object), LiDAR sensors and radars.

We perform calibrations, tests and integration of sensors, work in the field of automation and robotics, and a number of activities related to IT, including the creation of detection and identification algorithms and the design of web applications (WebAPI).

Field measurement campaigns

We also organize field measurement campaigns, usually lasting up to several working days, carried out in teams of at least two people. Depending on the scope and nature of the analysis, the appropriate time and equipment with appropriate technical parameters are selected.

Operational remote sensing work are carried out for each type of land cover:

  • agro-forestry areas,
  • urbanized areas,
  • industrial areas.

The work include, among others:

  • preparation of the photogrammetric control network before the aerophotography mission,
  • obtaining reference data for data obtained from UAV (spectral curves, water, soil and vegetation samples),
  • acquisition of photographic material (from the ground and from the air).

Implementation of interdisciplinary projects with particular emphasis on IT work

Innovative technical back-up facilities and the experience of the employed specialists allow us to perform interdisciplinary projects. IT work, e.g. applications development, support the management, automation and optimization of processes in various branches of the economy, which directly contributes to the development of the country.

We have expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • IT – programming work, creating advanced spatial information systems;
  • advanced algorithms, integration and development of large data sets, with particular emphasis on aerial and satellite images;
  • measurement of spectral signatures of the objects, analysis of spectral curves, extraction of information on biophysical parameters of the objects based on spectral data;
  • advanced visualization of geodata with particular emphasis on 3D modeling and integration of vector, raster and descriptive data;
  • precise positioning using GNSS/INS.

Remote sensing work are being developed in two basic directions:

  • measuring tools and optoelectronic systems (equipment),
  • integrated, system solutions (software and algorithms) for the needs of modern aviation.