Remote sensing and photogrammetry

Image data acquisition

Map portals

Artificial Intelligence in Spatial Analysis

Spectral measurements

Atmospheric sounding

Sensor System Design

The Remote Sensing Division is a multidisciplinary team of specialists working with advanced measurement technologies and data analysis. Through our holistic approach and commitment to innovation, we provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, helping them to optimize operations, make strategic decisions and increase operational efficiency.  

Scope of work:  

  • Earth observation data acquisition and analysis;
  • creation of dedicated map portals;
  • performing spatial analysis using AI algorithms;
  • performing spectral measurements including data acquisition and analysis process;
  • atmospheric sounding using meteorological balloons and aircraft;
  • build, integrate and calibrate advanced data acquisition systems.

Main fields of activity:

  • agriculture,
  • forestry,
  • industry,
  • defense.

Expertise in: 

  • IT programming, development of advanced geospatial information systems;
  • Advanced algorithms, integration and processing of datasets including aerial and satellite imagery;
  • measurement of spectral signatures of objects, analysis of spectral curves, extraction of information on biophysical parameters of objects based on spectral data;
  • advanced visualization of geospatial data with emphasis on 3D modelling and integration of point cloud, vector, raster and descriptive data;
  • precise positioning with GNSS/INS and LiDAR technology.