Portable diffractometer

A diffractometer is a measuring instrument designed to analyze the structure of crystalline substances, performed on the basis of their diffraction images. It registers the directions (flare angles) and the intensity of the diffracted radiation beams. The most commonly used devices of this type are X-ray diffractometers.

Portable diffractometer – testing capabilities


Scope of tests we offer:

  • fast analysis of residual stresses for samples with complex shapes and large sizes;
  • portable device – the possibility of measurements both in the laboratory and in the field;
  • possible measurement of actual stresses applied to determine the characteristics of a specific material; 
  • automated X-Y table – measurement of stress distribution on the sample surface, automatic measurement of many samples;
  • collimators (measuring spot size) – from 0.5 mm to 5 mm.

Portable diffractometer – equipment

X-ray tubes: 

  • Mn – measurement of residual stresses for austenitic steels, nickel, copper and cobalt alloys;
  • Cr – especially dedicated to the measurement of residual stresses in ferritic steels and aluminum alloys;
  • Ti – analysis of residual stresses in titanium alloys;
  • V – others, complementary applications.


  • two symmetrically arranged NMOS position-sensitive detectors with a range of 15°.