Ultrasonic method

It uses the energy of high-frequency sound waves. Waves introduced into the test object are reflected by material discontinuities, deflected and scattered at their edges. The test enables the detection of defects in the entire volume of the verified material – the location of internal, surface and subsurface discontinuities, as well as the determination of material properties.

Ultrasonic method – testing capabilities

  • detecting defects in the internal structure and determining their location, configuration and size, such as:
    • cracks, 
    • blisters, 
    • inclusions,
    • a number of other discontinuities in metallic, non-metallic and composite materials as well as in welds;
  • material thickness measurements, 
  • studies of remote places, 
  • invisible surfaces tests, 
  • cross-sectional tests, 
  • determining material properties. 

Ultrasonic method – equipment

  • GE Inspection Technologies Phasor XS flaw detector with Phased Array,
  • specialized heads and standards.