Measuring and diagnostic devices

Radio altimeter tester T4S

T4S – features:

  • easy connection to the RWL–750M radio altimeter installation through two antenna couplers;
  • A 1000 ft radio altitude simulator incorporating Teledyne Company precision delay line;
  • manually adjustable attenuation of the simulator to measure the sensitivity of the radio altimeter with an accuracy of 2 dB;
  • the possibility of connecting the simulator directly to the transceiver block
  • the possibility of using the simulator to check other radio altimeters operating in the 4.3 GHz band. The built-in tuned calibrator generates a differential frequency signal, fed through the diagnostic cable of the RWL–750M radio altimeter, allowing to check the decision altitude, fixed altitudes and altitude data transferred to EWGPS;
  • all RWL–750M outputs:
    • ARINC 429,
    • precise analog output,
    • indicator outputs are decoded,
    • measured and displayed;
  • monitoring of the fixed altitudes, decision altitude and FCS Warn signal (performance signal). Using the tester, you can also check the indicator of the RWL–750M tester;
  • designed to work with all versions of the RWL–750.

T4S – specification:

  • dimensions: 18,42”W x 13,86”H x 8,27”L (468 x 352 x 210 mm);
  • weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg);
  • power supply: 27,5 V DC ±20%, 0,15A nominal.