Hardness tests

Hardness tests, i.e. material resistance to local plastic deformations under the influence of concentrated pressure in the form of an indenter with a specific geometry, are used in material science practice due to their simplicity and speed of measurement. Depending on the type of material being examined, appropriate methods and measurement scales are used.

Hardness tests – testing capabilities

We offer measurements using the following equipment:

  • Nexus Innovatest hardness tester with the following ranges: 
    • 0.02 – 0.1 kgf Vickers microhardness,
    • 0.2 – 5 kgf Vickers hardness at low loading forces,
    • 10 – 30 kgf Vickers hardness;
  • Falcon Innovatest digital hardness tester with a range of 0.001-31.25 Vickers hardness with the possibility of automatic measurements;
  • Zwick Roell hardness tester with ranges: 
    • 10 kg, 
    • 60 kg, 
    • 100 kg, 
    • 150 kg Rockwell hardness;
  • portable Mitutoyo hardness tester – Leeb scale with the possibility of conversion to the HV, HB, HRC, HRB scale.

We test metallic and composite materials.