Space drives

The test bed designed for the implementation of space drives tests, equipped with state-of-the-art measurement systems, allows for great flexibility and meets the needs of all customers. The control application uses real-time data using a PXI unit, which guarantees reliability and safety with minimal latency and high data acquisition frequency. Relevant procedures include prediction of failure modes, ensuring maximum safety of components and systems under test.

Space drives – equipment

The engine test house facility is equipped with, among others:

  • engine ignition systems,
  • power supply systems,
  • integration room,
  • control room,
  • chemical laboratories,
  • test stand for characterization of injectors equipped with a 3D PIV laser measurement system.

We have experience, gained from high-speed cameras and thermal imaging, in recording and analyzing the operation of:

  • ignition devices,
  • combustion chambers,
  • injectors,
  • hypergolic ignition,
  • mortars,
  • rocket launches.

Tests of systems with thrust up to 15 kN we perform in-house, tests up to 100 kN are performed at the facilities of our partners.