Validation and reference samples

Validation and reference samples – testing capabilities:

  • tensile machine designed for validation measurements of diffraction stress measurement;
  • certified annealed samples (Fe-Aust, Al, Ti, Mg, Inconel 718, Cu, Fe-Ferr, Ni);
  • certified sample with known stress level;
  • standard reference samples (certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST);
  • lanthanum hexaboride 660c powder (pattern of diffraction line position and shape);
  • silicon powder 640e (pattern of the position and shape of the diffraction line);
  • corundum plate 1976b (position and intensity pattern of the diffraction line).

Examples of conducted experiments:

  • measurement of stress gradient around rivets in sheets made of aluminum alloy (as part of a project to improve the fatigue life of rivet joints);
  • measurements of residual stresses at the bottom of the screw thread made of titanium alloy;
  • measurement of residual stresses on samples made of Inconel 718/steel, dedicated to fatigue tests;
  • measurement of residual stresses at the bottom of a notch in a gear wheel made of low-carbon AMS 6265 steel;
  • testing of the impact of markings made with the use of a laser and vibropen on the level of stress in samples made of nickel alloy;
  • measurement of residual stresses on specimens dedicated for erosion failure testing for 17-4PH stainless steel;
  • measurement of residual stresses on a wheel made of 13-8PH steel;
  • phase analysis and texture measurement for thin layers made of Ni/SiC composite;
  • phase analysis and stress measurement on printed samples made
    from Inconel 718 CoCr alloys and SS316L;
  • measurement of stress distribution for the “heat shield” element made of nickel alloy.
  • phase composition measurement for aircraft engine sludge;
  • measurement of stresses in depth for aircraft engine blade locks made of Inconel 718 alloy;
  • stress measurement near cracks for aircraft engine blades made of titanium alloy;
  • measurement of stresses on the surface of valves made of steel after padding and nitriding, together with a prior phase analysis;
  • stress measurement around joints made using the RFSSW method for 7075 aluminum alloy sheets.