Development of air transport

Many years of experience of our scientists enables the implementation of a wide range of tests and services in the field of transport systems:

  • developing forecasts and strategies for the development of air transport, including strategies for integrating air transport with the general transport system (intermodal network – other available means of surface and water transport),
  • developing forecasts and strategies for an intermodal transport network supporting urban and extended urban mobility (to regional) with the participation of air transport (Urban Air Mobility),
  • quantitative and qualitative research on the passenger and freight transport market.
  • modeling and designing passenger and freight transport systems,
  • development of safety and security elements in air transport,
  • analyzes in the field of technical and economic aspects of the construction, planning and operation of the aircraft,
  • works in the field of aircraft construction, including calculations of aircraft performance, calculations and analyzes of aircraft mass and balance, load calculations,
  • development of continuing airworthiness documents, including Flight Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins,
  • work related to aircraft testing, including the development of ground and flight test programs and conducting ground and flight tests,
  • work related to the certification of aircraft, including the development of certification programs, analyzes of compliance with certification requirements, Compliance Sheets and other documents required in the aircraft certification process.

We are the coordinator of development projects, we participate in many important EU projects.