Creep tests

Creep tests, i.e. the process of slow increase of deformations of the material subjected to long-term constant load, are an important source of information in the assessment of material durability. They are performed on creep-testing machines in which the uniaxial strain of the sample is gravitationally obtained by means of calibrated weights hung on the arm of the creep-testing machine.

Creep tests – testing capabilities

Our equipment includes 36 test stations – creep-testing machines, enabling three types of tests:

    • with deformation registration,
    • with time to break registration,
    • cyclic tests (LCF Long Dwell) on 14 stands using lifts.

The deformation of the samples is recorded using high-temperature extensometers. We supervise and record the test using a computer system in real time. 

Our laboratory, due to the long duration of testing, is equipped with a UPS voltage maintenance system and air-conditioned rooms with temperature and air humidity recording.

Type of examination

Dimensions of the tested samples

Load range

Test temperature

Testing equipment

crawl ASTM E139 ASTM E292 ISO 204

length up to 150 mm

tensile forces up to 50 kN

up to 1100°C

36 stands (creep-testing machines)