Analysis of rapidly changing phenomena

Registration of changes occurring at a very fast pace, together with imaging of dynamic processes occurring in the area of the most important properties of the observed object or phenomenon, is possible with the help of cameras appropriately adapted to such tasks. Observation of high-speed phenomena makes it possible to measure the basic physical parameters, which are then converted into electrical quantities through appropriate measurement sensors.

An ideal tool for the analysis of fast-changing phenomena by the finite element method is LS Dyna – solver finding wide application in the analysis of highly nonlinear and short-lived problems, e.g. collisions, explosions, plastic processing, indispensable when destructive tests play an important role in the validation process.

Analyzes of fast-changing phenomena – testing capabilities

We perform analyses of the resistance of structures (aeronautical structures, windscreens and others) made of homogeneous and composite materials to impacts by foreign objects using the LS-DYNA program, including simulations of collisions with birds.