40/20 T press

The press is designed to test chassis and their assemblies, i.e. wheels and shock absorbers, in static and slow-change tests. It makes it possible to determine force-displacement characteristics in biaxial loading conditions. The way the objects are built on the stand makes it possible to perform this type of testing also on other, non-aerial objects.

40/20 T press – stand specifications

  • maximum vertical force: 392 kN,
  • maximum horizontal force: 196 kN,
  • vertical displacement: 400 mm,
  • maximum vertical speed: 300 mm/min,
  • maximum horizontal speed: 300 mm/min,
  • table dimensions: 800 x 760 mm,
  • distance between table and press slide: 190 to 2000 mm,
  • operation in force maintenance mode, displacement mode (continuous or stepwise),
  • the ability to record displacement and forces (and up to 8 external analog signals).

40/20 T press – testing characteristics

  • static tests,
  • force-displacement characteristics,
  • characteristics
    • shock absorbers,
    • silencers,
    • materials,
  • static tests of the wheels.