3 T hammer drop stand with treadmill

The hammer is intended for testing shock absorption of aircraft landing gears in conditions similar to those of landing and taxiing, testing “shimmy” vibrations of landing gears, as well as testing brakes, wheels and tires. The stand allows to apply dynamic loads in the form of driving over an obstacle.

3 T hammer drop stand with treadmill– stand specification

  • maximum weight of the object with mounting elements: 3 T (expandable to 6.5 T for wheel tests);
  • maximum vertical force when dropping: 118 kN;
  • maximum rotational speed of the treadmill: 800 rpm;
  • maximum perimeter speed of the treadmill: 58.6 m/s;
  • treadmill diameter/width: 1400 mm/530 mm;
  • moments of inertia of the treadmill (adjustable):
    • I1 = 294 kgm²,
    • I2 = 550 kgm²,
    • I3 = 588 kgm²,
    • I4 = 843 kgm².

3 T hammer drop stand with treadmill – testing characteristics

  • dynamic tests (drops),
  • shimmy tests,
  • approaching an obstacle,
  • brake tests,
  • wheels rolling.