10 T hammer drop stand

The 10 T hammer is designed to test landing gear shock absorption in conditions similar to those of landing. It is also possible to perform  impact tests, for example, on dampers or shock absorbers, as well as tests to determine the energy absorption capacity (crash).

10 T hammer drop stand– stand specification

  • maximum weight of the object with mounting elements: 10 T;
  • maximum forces when dropping:
    • vertical force 392 kN,
    • horizontal force 196 kN,
    • lateral force 157 kN;
  • maximum rebound pressure (unloading): 3 MPa;
  • maximum acceleration speed of the wheel: 111 m/s;
  • maximum speed of descent: up to 8 m/s – depending on the height of the tested object.

10 T hammer drop stand – testing characteristics

  • dynamic tests (drops),
  • static tests of the wheels,
  • functional tests.