Unmanned airplane ILX-32 flew for the first time on August 28th 2014 at the airfield Grądy near Ostrowia Mazowiecka. ILX-32 is a flying demonstrator of a new concept of an airplane in the joined wing configuration. The flight crew consisted of MSc eng. Jarosław Hajduk (Remote Control) and MSc eng. Bartosz Gawełda (Ground Control Station operator), both from Air Force Institute of Technology. Two successful flights were performed to verify basic airworthiness of the airplane with two different Centers of Mass. Each flight lasted for about ten minutes each. After the session operator said that airplane’s handling is correct so it can be used for further testing.

ILX-32 was created within a project MOSUPS supported by The National Centre for Research and Development through the grant No. PBS1/A6/14/2012. The airplane was designed and built by the consortium led by the Institute of Aviation. Air Force Institute of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and MSP co-operate as members of this consortium.

More information can be found in pages:


Tunnel tests in MOSUPS project

The Concept of the Joined Wing Scaled Demonstrator Programme pp. 245-254

Film from the first flight of ILX-32

Photos author: Adam Dziubiński

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