In this project will be designed, built and tested a model of a hypothetical two-seater light aircraft with the system of connected wings.

The aim of the study is to evaluate the suitability of connected wings for a new generation of light aircraft and to collect data and experience useful for the design of such aircraft.

Model will have a wingspan of about 3 m and a weight of about 25kg . During the project numerical analyzes and measurements in wind tunnels will be carried out. The culmination of the project will be test flight.

The project is implemented by a consortium composed of:

  • Institute of Aviation – leader
  • Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Ministry of Treasury
  • Warsaw University of Technology

Unmanned airplane ILX-32 flew for the first time on August 28th 2014 at the airfield Grądy near Ostrowia Mazowiecka.

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