This month tunnel tests for the aircraft of box wing configuration  in the tunnel T-3 have started.

The project is implemented by a consortium composed of: Warsaw University of Technology, Air Force Institute of Technology, MSP Marcin Szender and the Institute of Aviation.

The aircraft has an innovative configuration, that minimizes the induced drag of the airframe.

Model is tested according to the concept, which has been developed in house for the unmanned aircrafts, where the same airframe is subjected to tests both in the wind tunnel and in flight.

With the unique opportunity to use the test section with a diameter of 5 m, objects can be tested in their natural size. It is beneficial in terms of aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and it is safe to try and calibrate avionics in flight conditions.

A propulsion system for this aircraft was earlier tested at the Institute of Aviation in the tunnel with a test section diameter of 1,5 m. It has brought a lot of valuable information on the technical solutions adopted there.

The Institute has also conducted CFD analysis and optimization of the aircraft aerodynamic configuration.

MOSUPS aircraft will be flight tested later this year.

MOSUPS project is funded by the National Centre for Research and Development in the frame of the PBS1/A6/14/2012 project.

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