Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

Visual method

The visual method, which is the basis for the implementation of other non-destructive tests, consists in the direct detection and assessment of discontinuities on the surface of the tested object.

Visual tests can be divided into direct, enabling the analysis of directly accessible surfaces with the unaided eye or using microscopes, and indirect – optical, allowing for the verification of directly inaccessible surfaces using devices such as endoscopes, videoscopes or borescopes.

This method enables the detection of large surface discontinuities and shape defects of the tested object.

Visual method – testing capabilities

  • surface defects detection;
  • types of detected discontinuities: fatigue cracks, heat treatment cracks, operational damage, welded joints;
  • endoscopy and borescopy – detecting defects in an inaccessible place.

Visual method – equipment:

  • Olympus fiberscope system,
  • Everest borescope system.
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