Thermoplastic composites technologies

For over 30 years, thermoplastics have been conquering the technological market in the field of commercial applications in both civil and military structures, with particular emphasis on aircraft. In response to the continuous increase in interest in composite materials with a thermoplastic matrix, we undertake activities aimed at the development of technology in this area.

Our offer includes the following services:

Technology of consolidation of thermoplastic preimpregnates reinforced with carbon or glass fiber

  • Methodology for developing consolidation processes for thermoplastic preimpregnates based on non-destructive tests and laboratory tests.

Parts thermoforming technologies

  • Modeling of the process of forming composite materials using PAM COMPOSITES – PAM FORM software.
  • Tooling design, modeling of flexible forming elements – silicone stamps using ABAQUS software.
  • Production of prototype composite parts in the thermoforming process on the press.

Joining of thermoplastic composites

  • Development of technology for thermocompression of the thermoplastic composites in the process of electrofusion and ultrasonic welding.
  • Development of gluing technology, selection of adhesives and methods of surface preparation.

We have a material base for PEEK TC 1200, PAEK TC 1225 and PPS TC 1100 materials.