On the 23rd of May 2017, the Institute of Aviation became a venue for the seminar entitled “European R&D projects – how to successfully apply to H2020 programme”.

The presentation was delivered by Ms. Justyna Beckmann, the expert in PolSCA PAN, who had been invited to the Institute of Aviation to share her knowledge and long-term expertise with the researchers and administrative staff of the Institute as well as broaden their skills in the field of international cooperation.

The main themes of the presentation were the scientific participation in Horizon 2020 as well as currently undertaken actions on behalf of the European Commission with regard to the development of FP9 – the next EU framework programme within research and innovation. The most important thematic areas covered during the seminar were: networking and lobbying within the EU at different stages of application to calls in H2020, evaluators of proposals, H2020 interim evaluation as well as preparation of the next framework programme. Ms. Beckmann also presented the participants with the official statement made by Polish delegates to the European Commission with regard to the scope of FP9.

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