Photo credit: EREA@CEiiA

At the end of August 2018, the Portuguese Institute CEIIA in Porto became the venue for the EREA Young Researchers Event. The main theme of this year’s event was Urban Air Mobility.

The event was addressed to EREA Young Researchers and Executive Secretariat with the aim to facilitate the networking among research staff of EREA and to bring them closer to the work and projects carried out by foreign colleagues in the field of Urban Air Mobility.

In this specially organized event, the programme focused on the future of air transportation, particularly on the Urban Air Mobility topic. The objective of this event was to collect EREA’s REs Young Researchers views on the future of urban mobility, particularly that concerning the integration of horizontal and vertical mobility – Urban Air Mobility. The event aimed at providing a platform to foster exchange of views and development of synergies between all REs participants.

Young researchers from CEIIA invited very well-known and acknowledged speakers to the event. On the first day, the presentation on “The future of Urban Air Mobility – a technology perspective” was delivered by Pablo Perez Illana from the DG RTD of European Commission. The representative from Airbus, Mrs. Isabel Del Pozo, presented a view on Urban Air Mobility from the perspective of one of the largest players of the global aviation market. The representative of the SME market, Mr. Seyed Mohseni from a London-based company SAMAD Aerospace gave a presentation on “Developing the future of Urban Air Mobility”. There was also a meeting and discussion with a representative of the Portuguese National Contact Point who presented the concept of the new framework program being currently developed by the European Commission, in his presentation entitled “Horizon Europe: Mission-oriented research & innovation in the European Union”.

On the second day of EREA YRE, a visit to the CEIIA laboratories and research facilities was organized. The tour was followed by the presentations by Young Researchers on the research and development activities in the area of Urban Air Mobility conducted in their institutes. The event gathered researchers from CEIIA, INTA, DLR, NLR, ONERA, INCAS and ILOT (Institute of Aviation).

At the EREA Young Researchers Event, the Institute of Aviation was represented by Mr. Mikołaj Jarkowski and Mr. Przemysław Drężek from the Aerodynamics Department and Ms. Agata Wierzbińska, ILOT representative in the EREA Executive Secretariat.

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