Engineers from the Center for Transportation and Energy Conversion (Institute of Aviation) officially transferred a verticalizer for the rehabilitation purposes to parents of a several-years-old girl.

The device was built at the Institute of Aviation over the course of several months. The completion of the project in record time was a challenge for the engineers who, for the first time, undertook the construction of such a specialized equipment supporting child limb biomechanics.

The verticalizer has already met with the recognition of the medical community. Currently, talks are being carried out on the introduction of the device on the market. The product will also be presented at the upcoming industry meetings and trade fairs.

The official transfer of the verticalizer was attended by the girl’s parents, the director of the Institute of Aviation – Witold Wiśniowski, the director of the Center for Transportation and Energy Conversion – Sylwester Wyka, the project manager for the verticalizer construction – Krzysztof Błasiak, the head of the Conversion and Energy Department – Dawid Hess and a specialist from the Warsaw University of Technology and the originator of the verticalizer construction – Krzysztof Mianowski.

Details on the verticalizer can be found here.

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