The Center for Transportation and Energy Conversion completed the construction of a “rehabilitation stimulator of biomechanics of the lower extremities” designed for children.

The idea of building such a device was created just two months ago, as a result of requests from parents of a child suffering from Rett syndrome – a severe disease that causes physical disability, limiting the proper development of the organism.

The management and the employees of the Institute of Aviation could not remain indifferent to such an important request and a fast decision about immediate and efficient implementation of the task was made.

The device designed and made by the employees of the Institute enables the normal body development by stimulating the movement of the child’s legs.

Devices of similar purpose produced abroad are less available to patients because of their very high price. By designing and building a prototype, the employees broadened their knowledge in biomechanics and once again increased the range of projects carried out at the Institute of Aviation.

In the coming days the prototype will be subjected to internal tests at the Institute, and then will be handed free of charge to the parents of the sick child to use. The experience gained during the testing and operation of the device, will allow to carry out in future tasks at the Institute in the field of design and construction of rehabilitation equipment.

Design and construction of the equipment was realized by a team led by MSc. Krzysztof Błasiak composed of:  MSc. Tomasz Balczunas, Lech Cieślewski, MSc. Łukasz Czajkowski, Eng. Martyna Dębowska, tech. Hubert Guzek and tech. Wiktor Zimiński.

A powder coating of the prototype was created charitably by the PIAST-POL company from Częstochowa.

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