The Institute of Aviation is one of the largest scientific institutes in Europe. With over 89 years of experience, it employs 1,800 engineers, researchers and scientists. There are currently 30 specialized laboratories and centers at the Institute, including the largest wind tunnel in Central and Eastern Europe which underwent renovation in 2015.

The R&D services are conducted in laboratories accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation (PCA).

We are engaged works for the following sectors:

▪ Aviation
▪ Automotive
▪ Construction
▪ Power
▪ Chemicals
▪ Space
▪ Shipbuilding
▪ Defence
▪ Sport,
▪ and many others.

The Institute of Aviation is seeking partners in the scope of involvement in international and domestic projects in the following areas:

▪ Soliciting funds from domestic products, the European Union, grant organizations, sources of financing for industry
▪ Creating scientific and industrial consortia
▪ Conducting research for industry
▪ Conducting scientific tests and research
▪ Cooperation in the scope of scientific publications
▪ Scientific researcher exchange programes
▪ Organization of scientific conferences

We are looking for partners from:

▪ Small and medium-sized enterprises
▪ Science and research institutes
▪ Higher education institutions

The Institute’s field of interest includes:

▪ Aeronautics and air transport
▪ Aeroelasticity
▪ Avionics
▪ Material properties measurements
▪ Structures testing
▪ Environmental studies
▪ Aviation and space security
▪ Composites
▪ Aviation components and equipment
▪ Aviation and space propulsion
▪ Landing gear
▪ Structures design
▪ Unmanned systems
▪ Rocket systems
▪ Transport systems
▪ Rocket technology
▪ Space technologies
▪ Remote sensing
▪ Control systems


Paweł Szuchnik
Director Representative for Laboratory Effectiveness
mobile: 601 626 424
mail: pawel.szuchnik[at]



The main objective of the cooperation agreement titled “Technological Support of Innovative Aircraft Projects” is to stimulate innovation-oriented activities in the aviation and space industries and to facilitate access to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) ad research institutes to a modern research base. In particular, the aim of the cluster activities is to develop ad share a research base for the joint implementation of projects, mainly in the field of robotics and manufactured aircraft structures, aerodynamics of applied research and rocket piston engines, for both general aviation unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The “Technological Support of Innovative Aircraft Projects” is open to all and any interested firms and institutions may join the Cluster.

Follow the link below to find out more about joining: