9th Night at the Institute of Aviation

On the 12th October 2018 (Friday) the Institute of Aviation will host the 9th „Night at the Institute of Aviation”. A night at the Institute of Aviation is the largest nocturnal educational event in Poland, aimed at popularization of aviation and aerospace industry sector in Poland as well as promotion of engineering professions.

Every year the number of visitors of the Institute of Aviation increases. The event receives high media attention and coverage. The previous – 8th– Night at the Institute of Aviation was visited by 37,000 participants. Up to the present more than 180 companies, institutions, state offices involved in aviation have been presented. They showcase their aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other flying constructions. The participants are always given the chance to get familiar with achievements of students and universities, research institutes, airlines, organizations, associations, schools and industrial enterprises.

The event is aimed at all enthusiasts of aviation, aircraft, space, science, technology, and anyone who is interested in the world and enjoys spending their leisure time actively.

During the event the visitors will have the opportunity to meet civil and military pilots, parachutists, representatives of airports located in Warsaw, engineers, astronomers, cosmonauts, scientists, students and many other fantastic people!

It is not only attractions connected with aviation, new technologies, space that will be presented. As always, the Organizers have prepared many surprises.

Additionally, our visitors will be given the opportunity to tour the laboratories on the premises of the Institute of Aviation which are normally off limits to non-personnel.

The 9th Night at the Institute of Aviation is the only night in the year to visit the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.

Surprises, competitions, games and special attractions will be waiting for everyone.

See you at 5 pm -11 pm.

Entrance is free!

Stay tuned for more details.