We invite you to read the new publication issued within the Research Library series – “Wind tunnels in Poland in comparison to the tunnels of the world” by Witold Wiśniowski of the Institute of Aviation.

The aim of the publication is to present the wind tunnels operating in Poland, and their comparison with the tunnels in the world. There are hundreds of wind tunnels in the world, so it would be futile and even impossible to describe all for purpose of comparison with tunnels in Poland.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What you need what is worthwhile to know about wind tunnels?
  3. Tunnels in Poland before 1939
  4. Modern wind tunnels in Poland
  5. Wind tunnels – publications by Polish authors
  6. International association of aerodynamic research centers
  7. Aerodynamic research centers
  8. The largest wind tunnels
  9. Special wind tunnels
  10. Summary and conclusions
  11. Bibliography

The book can be purchased in our online store. The publication is written in Polish.

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