On 15th November the Institute of Aviation hosted a short visit of the Chinese delegation. Entrepreneurs were especially interested in the hovercrafts PRP – 560 and PRC- 600, developed at the Institute of Aviation.
To guests from China were presented a copy of the experimental hovercraft PRC-600M/10 implemented within the framework of the promotion of the production of PRP – 560M hovercraft. Licensing agreements for the production of hovercraft have been signed with two companies – HORNET – Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and WZINŻ – Deblin. Guests, representatives of the Security Service company, have been acquainted with the achievements of Polish hovercrafts, which were specially adapted to the rescue tasks. Guests were particularly interested in the use of the hovercraft in the flood evacuation. For these tasks is hovercraft PRP- 560M predestined and what needs to be stressed is that these hovercrafts were used by WOPR (Water Voluntary Water Rescue) in Hawaii and on the Zegrzyński Zalew for many years .
The visit was organized in cooperation with companies EUROHOVER and HORNET which cooperated for many years with the Institute of Aviation in the field of development of techniques for constructing hovercrafts.

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