On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Institute of Aviation a remarkable publication containing the profiles of people associated with the Institute of Aviation written by current and former employees has been published. The book was edited by Witold Wiśniowski, the director of the Institute of Aviation.

The most famous Polish pilots, aviation constructors, scientists and administrative staff in the memories of their colleagues, superiors, as well as in short biographies – that was the idea of the jubilee publication about the Institute’s employees. This book is important not only for its sentimental value. The most important is the history behind the people who were creating the aviation industry and developing science in Poland.

 – With this publication we want to pay tribute to those, who have distinguished themselves by their achievements in the Polish science and technology, but also to remind in a special way those we have in our memories – our superiors and colleagues – said Witold Wiśniowski, the director of the Institute of Aviation.

Memories got readers closer to the backstage of the work on important aircraft constructions, allow to know the nature of the engineering and research work in the recent years, but not only. The authors of memoirs focused also on personal relationships, unique memories that have not been unveiled in official biographies. Different generations, life experiences, and sometimes also differences in the assessment of current events  – all of this affects the multidimension of the memories contained in the publication.

Among mentioned in the book were: Andrzej Abłamowicz – a test pilot, Gustaw A. Mokrzycki – a former head of the Institute, Ludwik Natkaniec – a test pilot, Tadeusz Sołtyk – the Polish famous aviation constructor, Bronisław Żurakowski – an aviation conctructor, and many others.

– We do not forget that the success of the Institute of Aviation over all these years has depended on the work of thousands of engineers and scientists – all of us. It is their persistent work that has helped to develop Polish industry. It is here where we also learned our job from the best specialists in their fields – we wanted to be here because of them – our masters. From them we drew inspiration and strength for further actions. Thanks to them we were able to develop ourselves – said Witold Wiśniowski.

The book has been enriched with photo materials showing the everyday work of engineers during their research work in design offices and laboratories and during test flights.

The publication can be purchased in e-shop of the Publishing Houses of the Institute of Aviation here. More about the memories on our special website: http://ilot90.pl/tu-byli-tu-pracowali/.

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