On 11-12 June 2016 at the airport in Koczargi, the Polish Championships of remotely-controlled, hand-ejected, model gliders (F3K class) were held. The winner was Michał Sokołowski, an employee of the Composite Technology Center (Institute of Aviation), who himself has made a masterful model for the competition.

A competition of R/C model gliders, hand-ejected (F3K) is a relatively “young” discipline, which is becoming more popular due to the smaller dimensions than in other classes of remotely-controlled models. In this case, the maximum wingspan of the model is 1.5 m. The maximum take-off weight (fully equipped) is only 600 grams. The F3K model is held by the pilot by the end of the wings and with the acceleration and rotation is thrown upwards dynamically. The technique is somewhat similar to the discus throw. A skilled pilot can achieve an impressive height of 50-70 m. The world’s best throw ever done was over 90 meters. The models are made mostly of carbon fiber, glass and aramid, which ensures high rigidity with a relatively low weight. The main objective of the competition is to obtain the best results within 10 minutes.

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