The ceremony of opening the laboratory took place on 8th January 2014 with the participation of  Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski, Marshal of Masovia voivodship Adam Struzik, Director of the National Research and Development Centre Krzysztof Kurzydłowski and representatives of universities, ministries and technology establishments. The laboratory was established in cooperation with General Electric.

– The idea of ​​creating Component Test Laboratory in the Engineering Design Center scrolled in business discussions between the Institute and General Electric Aviation for years. In 2011, during first serious discussions on this topic we made a decision to create new test opportunities at the Institute – said Witold Wiśniowski, director of the Institute of Aviation.

The work on the construction of the laboratory involved people from different departments of the Institute of Aviation, including the Center of New Technologies, Engineering Design Center  and the American GE Aviation. The equipment and experience of the research team placed the lab in the first place among the world’s institutions of this type. The head of the laboratory is Paweł Szuchnik .

The ribbon cutting during the opening ceremony was performed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński, Marshal of Masovia voivodship Adam Struzik and Director of the Institute of Aviation, Professor Witold Wiśniowski.

Among the guests watching the latest laboratory equipment were also: Deputy Minister of Economy Dariusz Bogdan, Rector of Warsaw University of Technology Professor Jan Szmidt, Rector of the Kielce University of Technology Professor Stanisław Adamczak, Director of the National Center for Research and Development Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, President of the Patent Office Dr Alicja Adamczak, CEO of General Electric Poland Magdalena Nizik, Director of the Department of Supervised and Subordinate Ministry of Economy Roman Adamczyk , Director of the Offset Program Department Professor Hubert Królikowski, Director of the Engineering Design Center Dr Eng. Rafał Kajka, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Avio Poland company and the Polish Sejm.

After the ceremony guests visited the laboratory of testing a deep-sea equipment used in oil and gas mining and motor school. Each guest received a commemorative statuette in the form of bearing.

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