On 30 June 2016 the air-cooled aviation piston engines test-cell was opened at the Aircraft Propulsion Department of the Institute of Aviation.

The ceremony began with the symbolic gesture – starting the engine in the presence of the invited guests and employees of the Institute. The test-cell is designed to test engines up to 200kW. It will support research related to the operation of piston engines. After obtaining the EASA certificate (planned for the autumn of this year), it will also lead a service activity consisting of carrying out post-overhaul engine tests and research to support the assessment of the technical condition of the engine in case of hard-to-detect faults. This will allow to avoid a premature and costly overhaul of an engine. The employees of the test-cell have received specialized training in the U.S. in the two leading companies producing aviation piston engines: Continental and Lycoming.

Among the guests present at the ceremony were Roman Ożóg – the director of the Aviation Technical Department at the Civil Aviation Authority, Krzysztof Mieciek – the head of Inspectorate of Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Management at the Civil Aviation Authority, Wlodzimierz Klósek – a pilot, the winner of the “Blue Wings” award, Dariusz Malec – the president of Salt Aviation, Rafał Grzeszczyk – the managing director of AUTOMEX, Wojciech Redo – representing the provost of the Polish Air Force Academy, Wojciech Rachwalski – the representative of National Instruments.

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