The Institute of Aviation presented a film made during the flight tests of the Polish national ski jumping team, which took place in the largest wind tunnel in Poland.
These are the first and only shots of this type presenting the research possibilities of this facility with the participation of athletes.

Aerodynamic research is widely used in many sports disciplines and sports-related industries – from the design of high speed vehicles to the testing of athletes’ equipment. Rarely, however, are the athletes themselves tested.

The wind tunnel is the ideal place to test the key characteristics for sporting success. In ski jumping, where aerodynamic forces act especially on the athletes, aerodynamic analysis is carried out on the inrun and flight phases, as well as the equipment: the shape and arrangement of the skis and the clothing of the athlete.

The Institute of Aviation has unique experience in the country in the field of aerodynamic research carried out with the participation of ski jumpers. The first flight tests of this type in Poland were carried out several years ago at the Institute of Aviation with the participation of Adam Malysz – the most successful Polish ski jumper. In recent years, the next national team members, headed by Kamil Stoch, have been tested here. The course of those tests was documented in a promotional film of the Institute of Aviation realized in the latest 4 K technology.

“We had the undoubted pleasure to once again host the national team members in the wind tunnel. The unique feature of this event is the fact that during the tests we didn’t focus on aerodynamic characteristics research, which is our daily practice, but on enabling the ski jumpers to train as effectively as possible. Thanks to the controlled airflow parameters in the wind tunnel it is possible to recreate the flight conditions over the landing hill and at the same time to extend this phase many times as compared to a jump on a classic hill. This allows you to correct the body position of the athlete in search of optimal positioning without the need to perform numerous jumps on the real facility. This type of research illustrates in a meaningful way how unconventional it is possible to take advantage of the possibilities of aerial research infrastructure, which, with the support of a creative team, can serve many branches of science and industry.” says Przemysław Drężek, Deputy Head of the Aerodynamic Research Laboratory at the Institute of Aviation.

The film presents the largest wind tunnel (T-3) in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, which is equipped with the Aerodynamic Research Laboratory of the Institute of Aviation. The dimensions and research capabilities of the object are impressive – the measuring space is 5 m in diameter and 6.5 m in length. Engine power (5.6 MW) and maximum airflow speed (90 m/s) make it possible to rank the Institute of Aviation tunnel among the world’s leading low speed wind tunnels.

The services of specialized staff of the Institute of Aviation in the field of aerodynamic research are mainly used by the aviation industry, although (as the film shows) not only. In addition to flight tests, research for the automotive, energy and environmental industries is also carried out here.

The tunnel examines aircraft and vehicle models, as well as non-aviation facilities generating aerodynamic resistance, such as residential buildings, public buildings, bridges and industrial structures. This is only the tip of the possibilities, because, as practice shows, the demand of industry for this type of research is growing.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the experts of the Institute of Aviation know how to use wind power to benefit and meet the high requirements of commercial customers.

The technical research results obtained in the Aerodynamic Research Laboratory of the Institute of Aviation are recognised by both the International Standard Organization (ISO) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The Laboratory also holds the AB 129 Accreditation Certificate awarded by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

More information about the research capabilities of the Institute of Aviation in the field of aerodynamics research for industry can be found at (offer available at this link ).

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