The Institute supported the Polish Sudoku and Math Brain Teasers Championships


Volunteers from Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation participated in the 16th Polish Sudoku Championship and the 25th Polish Math Brain Teasers Championship held April 2-3, 2022. Thanks to their commitment, we had the opportunity to promote actively our interest in STEM sciences.

The organizer of the Championships was the SFINKS Foundation for the Development of Recreational Mathematics which was supported by our volunteers by preparing worksheets with tasks and checking sudoku and math brain teasers.

The Institute was a partner of this event and awarded 10 winners with the best results in sudoku and math brain teasers, and moreover, prizes were awarded to the best Junior, Senior and Debutant.

This year’s winners of the 16th Sudoku Championship:

  • 1st place – Jan Mrozowski,
  • 2nd place – Tomasz Stróżak,
  • 3rd place – Jakub Majewski.

Winners of the 25th Math Brain Teasers Championship:

  • 1st place – Jan Mrozowski,
  • 2nd place – Tomasz Stróżak,
  • 3rd place – Przemysław Dębiak.

Women also took part in the competition which resulted in greater diversity. The championships became more interesting for sudoku fans and the competition between the players was enjoyed by the audience.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who supported the preparation of materials and checked the tasks during the championships – thanks to you, the event was successful!


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