On the picture Mr Paweł Surmacz, Professor Piotr Wolański, Mr Grzegorz Rarata

20 September 2012 in Cannes for the first time met representatives of the Institute of Aviation and Thales Alenia Space. They discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the field of rocket engines for satellites and other technologies developed at the Institute of Aviation, applicable in space. The agenda includes visiting the premises for installing satellites. Production facilities are built entirely in as clean-rooms.

Thales Alenia Space is the leading European manufacturer of satellite systems and components of the International Space Station. The company is opened for cooperation with the countries, which are the new members of the European Space Agency. We would like to recall, that on the 13th September 2012 was signed agreement of the accession of Poland to the ESA. Membership of the Agency opens various possibilities for cooperation for Polish companies with european companies in the field of space technology.

Gallery of photos from the visit you can see here

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