As every year, students from several universities with aviation-related departments participate at summer internships in the Institute of Aviation. Among them are students of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering Warsaw University of Technology, Mechatronics and Aeronautical Military University of Technology, College of the Air Force Officers in Deblin and many more. As in previous years, we also have a foreign student from the University de Valancienne. The Institute is highly appreciated by students, because they can not only see our historical aircraft, but also the wind tunnel from inside. Latecomers who had not organize the internship before holidays also knock on the door of the Institute … and get often still a place, because due to the holiday period the Institute willingly employs such future constructors, specialists in avionics or mechatronics! Trainees  participate active at various projects. They not only learn, but also help for example in building of prototype of a new gyroplane.

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