Institute of Aviation in Warsaw is one of the founders of the „Polish Space Industry Association”. The organization aims to consolidate the business community, research centers and organizations interested in the exploitation and exploration of space and conducting of research and implementation of products and technologies for space applications. Union members set themselves a goal to conducting  activities to improve the economic potential of the polish space sector and to support polish Parliament and Senate, the Council of Ministers, ministries and other units of state administration in the creation of a national space policy and the achievement of its objectives as well as the initiation of cooperation between the Polish  space sector and related sectors (aviation, defense) in order to effectively use funds from the state budget, the European Space Agency programs and EU funds. Among the 19 Polish space sector entities involved in the founding meeting of 31 October 2012 there were representatives of large companies as well as small and medium-sized companies and research centers. Today the organization has 24 members. MSc. Eng. Wojciech Florczuk, head of the Space Technologies Group of the Institute of Aviation represents the Institute in the „Polish Space Industry Association”.

More information about Space Technologies Group of the Institute of Aviation you can find here.

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