The European Space Foundation has published a “Report on the image of the space sector in Poland” commissioned by the Industrial Development Agency JSC. The aim of the study was to obtain a picture of the current image situation of the Polish space sector together with the analysis of media activity of entities associated in the Polish Space Industry Association. The Institute of Aviation, where research projects for the European Space Agency are being carried out at the Center of Space Technologies, is at the forefront of Polish research institutes with strong image-building potential.

Surveys carried out for the report reveal that the Institute of Aviation is a recognizable brand in the Polish space sector and valued in the business environment.

Among the surveyed research institutions operating in this sector, the Institute of Aviation ranks second among the state-owned institutions, which are recognizable.

Among journalists dealing with the space subjects, the Institute of Aviation is equally recognizable and also ranks second among research and development institutions. It is worth noting that this group also pointed out a “Night at the Institute of Aviation” – the largest nocturnal educational event, as one of the events that largely supports the image of the Polish space sector.

In the general summary covering the mediality of entities operating in the space sector, the Institute of Aviation took 6th place with 415 publications in the media. The range of this information has been estimated at over 2 million recipients, and their advertising equivalent to almost one million zlotys. Publications about the Institute of Aviation were neutral or positive, with the advantage of the first option.

The full report is available at this link.

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