On 26 January 2017 the Organizational Council of the “Mazovian Cluster for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources” (Mazowiecki Klaster Efektywności Energetycznej i Odnawialnych Źródeł Energii) decided to accept the Institute of Aviation among the cluster members.

The Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and RES was established in 2011 by Mazowiecka Agencja Energetyczna Sp. o.o.

The main objectives of the cluster are: strengthening the region’s competitiveness; increasing the innovation of enterprises; improving the flow of information between science and business institutions; promotion of pro-energy and environmentally-friendly attitudes; reducing the adverse impacts on the environment; providing services in the field of energy efficiency; strengthening the cooperation between local government, representatives of the research centers, universities and regional business in realization of development policy in Mazovia; promotion of Mazovian province as a place for effective investment; improving energy security in Mazovia; joint promotion of activities in the field of investment in renewable energy sources, as well as increasing the attractiveness of technical studies in energy specializations.

Website: http://www.mae.com.pl/.

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